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122Dirty Polli's vs. Sockeye Sallys104

Season 3 is off to a great start! Congratulations to both teams, and thank you to all the volunteers, skaters, refs, and supporters who's hard work made it happen!

In addition to all of the action and excitement, Rage City was able to donate $1150 and 19 bras to AWAIC! Thank you to all of our fans who made this possible! Bras were donated by our fans and a portion of each ticket sale went to this worthy cause!

Congratulations to the MVP's for the bout:
Dirty Polli's: Kung Pow! Kim
Sockeye Sallys: Lethal Lavender

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The Rage City Roller Girls are moving on up.  It’s like that scene in Bull Durham where the team is on the bus and Kevin Costner’s character is talking about making it to the ‘Show’, where you “never handle your own luggage and the ballparks are like cathedrals.”  Well, our girls may still have to carry their own equipment but thanks to the wonderful people at the Dena’ina Center, they no longer have to set up the arena.

The Rage City Roller Girls began their third season with an inter league bout pitting the favored Dirty Polli’s against the rejuvenated Sockeye Sallys.  Both teams skated with full rosters and everything was set up for a classic, knock your teeth out, dance on your grave, Halloween battle.

The Sockeye Sallys welcomed back two massive cogs to their roster this season in hopes of shoring up two areas they struggled in last year.  One in the pack and one on the jammer line.  Spenard Itch, a former ‘Most improved Jammer’ award winner, who skated her way onto the traveling team in her first season in the league in 2009, is back from Oregon and is a great compliment to Pain Maker Sally, who herself is capable of putting up 15 points on any jam.  And in the pack, White Russian, who is as good as any skater in the league at securing an edge, clearing a path, or giving an assist by whipping her teammate without worry around a corner. The Sallys were confident.  And rightly so.

The Dirty Polli’s on the other hand were struck by injury and blessings this past year.  Co-Captain Deuce Gunner is glowing in the final months of her pregnancy but ready for the little miracle to get here so she can get her skates back on.   Sadly for Shocker Khan, a nagging injury will keep her on the sidelines with a clipboard in her hand and profanity flying from her mouth.  And I get f@#king bleeped out.

This was not a bout about feelings.  This was a bout about winning.  And every girl that skated on that track did so with an unbridled fury to defeat the opposing team.

Early on, it was either team’s bout to win or to lose.  Both teams strategically used lead jammer status to keep the other team from scoring but building only minimal leads themselves.   The Sally’s came out hot and got ahead in the first ten minutes, but by the end of the first half the Polli’s were on top 58 to 47.  Both teams relied heavy on a two jammer rotation, but it was JENtically Evil’s and Killa Magilla’s 42 combined first-half points that gave the Polli’s the lead going into halftime.

The second period was decided in the first five jams.  The Dirty Polli’s out-scored the Sallys 20 to 4 and the Sallys were never able to get the score back to within ten points. The Polli’s scored often with Killa Magilla and JENetically Evil racking up another 46 points between them in the second half.  But it was the breakout of Kung Pow! Kim that may have been the difference.  Her 18 second-half points helped keep pressure on the Sallys and seal the victory for the Polli’s.

In the pack it was much of the same for both teams.  Blitzkrieg Baker and Lethal Lavender shared domination while Frost*Sting, Tenacious Leigh, and Mrs. Furious showed the skills and knowledge of competing for three years as they pulled their teams together and sacrificed pain for victory.

The Polli's sat on their second half lead like a basketball team without a shot clock.  They were superior at the the jammer position and gained lead jammer status twelve out of the twenty second-half jams.

The Sockeye Sally's gave all that they had but penalties and sloppy play derailed countless opportunities.  A late rally started by captain Lethal Lavender turned out to be too little, to late as the 29 combined points scored by her and Pain Maker Sally in the last two jams came up short.

The final score for the Reap What you Roll Bout was Dirty Polli's 122, Sockeye Sallys 104.  The season three opener for Rage City finished with the Dirty Polli's winning convincingly, but with a long season ahead of us and with the taste of victory so close, the Sallys will have no trouble finding motivation to figure out what it takes to beat the Polli's.  It waits to be seen which team will skate to the top come May.

- Hurt Vonnegut

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