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Officer History Print


  • Shelby Blades, 5/12-Present
  • Stasia Wierzbicki, 5/11-5/12
  • Dayna Pendergraft, 11/09-5/11
  • Polly Carr, 1/09-10/09
  • DeeAnn Apgar, 3/08-12/08
  • Heather McGee, 3/07-3/08

Vice President

  • Jen Miller, 9/12-Present
  • Dawnell Smith, 5/12-9/12
  • Laura Burns, 8/11-5/12
  • Jennifer Schober, 11/10-8/11
  • Tracy Burton, 1/09-11/10
  • Polly Carr, 3/07-12/08


  • Amy Jaujau, 9/12-Present
  • Crystal White, 5/12-9/12
  • Jennifer Schober, 8/11-5/12
  • Kimberly Warren, 5/11-8/11
  • Stasia Wierzbicki, 5/09-5/11
  • Jill Harter, 3/08-5/09
  • DeeAnn Apgar, 3/07-3/08


  • Marvat Obeidi, 5/12-Present
  • Jamie Cupples, 2/11-5/12
  • Jennifer Brecheisen, 1/10-2/11
  • Kathy Wooldridge, 1/09-1/10
  • Lori Gage 3/07-12/08


DeeAnn Apgar (Curly Shrew),
Polly Carr (Carr Wreck),
Lori Gage (Twelve Gage), and
Heather McGee (Bad-Weather Heather)
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League History Print

Rage City Rollergirls (RCR) is a young league. RCR was founded in March 2007 by Heather McGee, Polly Carr, DeeAnn Apgar, and Lori Gage (founding President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary). Each of the founders had heard a little about derby through friends or by watching a bout and wanted to try establishing a league in Alaska. Another group of skaters in Anchorage was interested in forming a league as well, and all skaters came together to get Rage City off the ground in the fall of 2007.

We spent our first season training, recruiting skaters, learning about the WFTDA rules, and developing our nonprofit structure (board of directors, action committees, policies). We completed our first exhibition bout in Anchorage, Alaska, in May 2008.

In our 2007-2008 season, we hosted boot camps for skaters, with guest trainers like Crackerjack and Coach Pauly, and sent a contingent of skaters (including most board members) to RollerCon (both in 2007 and 2008) to build skills, network with other leagues, and learn more about the world of roller derby. Our first full skating season began in August 2008. From the August 2008 to 2009 season, we developed two strong local teams (the Dirti Polli's and Sockeye Sallys), hosting three local bouts. We began inter-league competition in the spring of 2009 with a bout against Jet City (Washington) and the Iron Curtain (Arizona); these bouts evolved our skill base and competitive level significantly. We also grew our officiating base to improve our league's grasp of WFTDA rules and become bout-ready for playing sanctioned leagues. During this time, we provided support toward the launching of a sister league, Fairbanks Rollergirls — the second roller derby league in Alaska!

We started our third season with a three-day bootcamp hosted by WFTDA champions Gotham Girls Roller Derby; this training improved skills of referees and skaters dramatically. In March, 2011 Rage City completed their WFTDA apprenticeship and joined WFTDA as a full member league.

Over the course of three seasons, Rage City Rollergirls' membership has increased to approximately 70 members and dozens of non-member volunteers. We have completed numerous service projects throughout the community and contribute to the following: Adopt-A-Highway, Salvation Army, Wounded Warriors Project, Standing Together Against Rape, the Red Cross, and Compassion in Action.

We have made a name for roller derby in Alaska — winning second place as Anchorage's favorite extreme sport. Our growing popularity influenced the creation of another sister league called South Central Alaska Roller Dolls (SCAR'D), launched by member Witch's Brewski. This league is for young skaters (called derby brats in other leagues) to learn the sport. It is a testament to the impact of roller derby in Alaska.

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About Us Print


Rage City Rollergirls is the trade name of Anchorage Women's Derby, Inc., an Alaska nonprofit corporation and a 501(c)(3) organization. Rage City is a Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) League Member, is insured by WFTDA and governed by WFTDA rules. The WFTDA is the United States flat-track roller derby league sanctioning body, providing rules and enabling national competition. The ruleset defines eligibility requirements, teams, game parameters, players, pack, blocking, penalties, scoring, officials, and safety. Each skater in our league must meet the WFTDA Minimum Skill Requirements, including basic skating skills, falls, balance/agility, skating with others, blocking, and knowledge of rules. Team and skater names are registered on the International Roster at twoevils.org.

The league was established in March 2007 and is in its 7th competitive season. While Rage City members must be 18+, bouts are all-ages events with PG-13 rules of conduct and presentation. All Rage City members are required to volunteer in the Anchorage community. The Chairs of the organization's committees sit on the Board of Directors with four officers and not only skate but act as volunteer staff.

Mission Statement

Rage City Rollergirls are dedicated to developing, promoting, and sustaining the competitive sport of women's roller derby.


Advancing the sport of women's flat track Roller Derby in Alaska and beyond.


  • Empowerment of Women: Provide a safe and supportive environment for women to excel
  • Diversity: Respect and involve women from all walks of life
  • Community: Develop relationships and give back through service and volunteerism
  • Democracy: Maintain democratic principles and constructive dialogue
  • Excellence: Provide rigorous training and maintain code of conduct for all skaters

Major Pillars

  • Training: regular supervised trainings and instruction
  • Competition: periodic "bouts" within Alaska and nationwide
  • Community Collaboration: events, activities, and charity sponsorship

Code of Conduct

Rage City Rollergirls operates on a basic code of conduct: members are required to act respectfully with one another, our sponsors, our audiences, and the Alaskan community. We promote good-natured entertainment, fun, and sportsmanship during skating and sanctioned events and maintain a high level of integrity. Actions by Rage City members reflect upon the integrity of the entire league and the sport of roller derby throughout the country. Any Rage City member that fails to uphold this general code of conduct risks expulsion from the league.

Board of Directors

The Rage City Rollergirls' Board of Directors consists of seven members.  Rage City Rollergirls' Officers consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer; however, only the President must be on the Board of Directors.

Action Committees

Members form the volunteer heart of Rage City Rollergirls and carry out its community and business goals as skaters, volunteer staff, committee members, and citizens of service in Southcentral Alaska.

Committees handle fundraising, sponsorship, training, membership/rules, merchandise, volunteers, league liaison, inter-league relations, community service, promotion/recruitment, and bout production.

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