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Become a Referee

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Rage City is recruiting officials!

Rage City bouts are officiated by volunteers. You don’t need to be able to skate to be an official. Rage City officials include skating referees and Non-Skating Officials (including scorekeepers, stats keepers, scoreboard operators, jam timers, and penalty trackers). We will train you to understand the game on a deep level, to know and understand the rules, and to communicate effectively.

Officials are a key part of all roller derby leagues: we keep an eye to safety and skillful play. The benefits of being a Rage City official include being part of a team, opportunities to travel to away games and tournaments, being up close and personal at the bouts, and the chance to hang with the coolest chicks in town!

Contact the officiating chair with questions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Information about the rules of roller derby here: http://wftda.com/rules
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